Shortening the strap


Tisell Watch Steel Strap

Screw pins are lightly tightened, they are not glued because we want the length of the strap to be easily adjustable.

Before we mail the product we always check all screw pins and make sure that the glide lock works properly and doesn't open when not intended. A firm glide lock makes for a longer life of the strap. 

We recommend you to have the strap shortened by a professional. We advise you to check the tightness of the screw pins now and then.

When shortening the strap by yourself, you are responsible for fastening the screw pins in threaded shafts.


We carry no responsibility for:

  • unprofessional strap shortening.
  • responsibility for loose screw pins that can fall out
  • for damaged threaded shafts caused by tightening the screw pins with force. (We recommend to glue the tightened screw pins instead of using force to fasten them.)
  • for strap damages due to unprofessional adjustments. 
  • for usage of improper tools to adjust the strap.