Duties and taxes


What Duties and Taxes will I Have to Pay?

The goods are shipped from the Czech Republic, Member State of the European Union.

- DUTY -

Consumer purchases within the EU are not subject to further taxation. If you are shopping from outside the EU, you are obliged to pay duties according to your country´s law.

- VAT -

All prices include our standard 21% VAT rate that applies to EU customers only. Customers from non-EU countries  are exempted from the VAT. You have just registered as a new customer and selected the option of a non-EU country customer. The applicable prices will be therefore adjusted based on 0% VAT.

How to proceed if I want to order goods tax-free?

It is not possible to refund the tax once the order has been paid and the goods delivered!

In case you accidentally make a purchase with the tax and request a refund, we must cancel the order and give you back the whole amount. Afterwards, you can place a new order according to the above-mentioned instructions for non-EU customers.

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